Leading Platform for Smart Contract Creation, Deployment, Interaction & Token Offering


MyContract.co: a WebApp that allows users to create smart contracts for issuing tokens to crowdsale or asset tokenization without a need for any programming expertise, just in a few clicks.

MyContract.co initially allows contract creation on Ethereum public blockchain with any of the ERC standards for issuing or tokenizing an array of asset classes: fungible cryptocurrencies and tradable assets (ERC 20 and ERC 223), non-fungible assets (ERC 721), or fixed income financial instruments (ERC 888).

Users can create their own token in a few minutes by just providing token basic details, such as token name, token symbol, token decimals, total supply, and token sale limit, in an easy to grasp environment.

After providing all the details of the token created, and buying the package — payable in XDCE tokens — the users can easily get the code of their brand new token.

MyContract will allow businesses of all sizes to deploy their own smart-contracts and tokens across industries, with working use cases in Supply Chain and Decentralized Credit applications.

Since MyContract keeps personal financial data — like know your customer (KYC) or Credit Score — privacy assurance features are carefully implemented. Your assets remain secure and protected by locking them all with a secure private key.

Intuitive e-wallet also lets users track their balances in XDCE, ETH, and other tokens.

MyContract implements an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform to be used once the token is configured for crowdsale. The ICO platform lets easy follow up for registered users, offering KYC verification, trades executed, and BTC and ETH balances.

Transactions can be tracked, whether they are deposit, sending, or updating ones.

In summary, MyContract offers a very practical and easy to use environment for users entering token issuing, ICOs, and token trading business, with contract ownership transfer as a remarkable feature.

MyContract is now live and is already being tested by clients that are piloting XinFin. Visit web app of Mycontract at https://mycontract.co