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Market Size for Smart Contract Creation:

Smart Contracts Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 32% by Forecast to 2023, According to the report. The global smart contracts market is expected to reach approximately 300 USD Million by the end of 2023 with 32% CAGR during the forecasted period from 2017 – 2023. And Total Blockchain Market worth $23.3 billion by 2023- according to Marketsandmarkets

Problem in Smart Contract: Major Problem & Challenges of Software code error or bugs created by human.

Solution: Powerful Smart Contract Creation Tool. gives you faster, easier ways to design, code, and deploy smart contact.CrowdSale Token Creation and deployment (ERC20,ERC223 Token). Support XDC Network and ERC20 Network deployment. It's applicable for fungible and non-fungible Asset tokenization like Bond tokenization, security tokenization, CrowdSale etc. and Adding more and more smart contract support in future.

End – User/Target Market: Smart contract Creation tools useful for below mention verticals.

  • Banking, Government,
  • Management, Supply chain,
  • Automobile, Insurance
  • Real estate, Healthcare

Feature for Partner

  • Your Branding
  • Tools to drive your business
  • No need of Code Expertise
  • Zero investment to Start
  • Customizable Pricing
  • Get access to a large variety of Smart Contract
  • Plug into Your Business

Estimated Income/Per Contract Creation: MyContract to Create Smart contract. (approx cost USD 1,500 worth XDCE to be bought and burnt from open market). You can charge anywhere between USD 4000 to USD 10,000 to end customer. Estimated Profit between USD 2,500 to USD 8,500/per Contract Creation Depends on your value addition to the client.

Partner Contribution

  • An existing local network
  • A Sales and business-oriented mindset to identify large and small business opportunities in your area.
  • The capability to sell a service and the resources to use our web-based tools.